Phoenix Clog North West Morris Dancers

Phoenix Clog are a ‘mixed’ Morris Side, based near Epsom, in Surrey, who dance North West Morris. In this style of Morris, the dancers wear clogs, for the dances have their origins in the Lancashire and Cheshire areas and date from a time when clogs were the normal footwear. The percussive sound of the clogs hitting the floor during our dances adds a distinctive cadence to this style of Morris dancing.


Phoenix Clog are based near Epsom, practising during the Winter months at the Viola La Petit Dance Studio (behind) 91 Chessington Road, West Ewell, Epsom KT19 9UU, about 500 yards along from Ewell West Station. However, in Spring and Summer we dance out at numerous spots throughout the county and neighbouring area.


Phoenix Clog are a ‘mixed’ Morris Side, which means that we welcome both men and women, young or old, experienced or novice, musician and dancer, so if you’re interested, and want to learn about Phoenix Clog and our style of North West (Clog) Morris, or even better if you live within reach of us and wish to try it out for yourself, please contact us.

Don’t worry if you’ve never done Morris or any other style of traditional dance in the past, we’ll teach you, and it’s fun to learn in the friendly, relaxed atmosphere of our practice sessions. So don’t delay, get in contact now and engage in an exercise which isn’t dependent on strength and speed. Remember, if you can walk, you can dance.

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