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Dave's passion for traditional dancing was legendary. He began at University, dancing with Angel Morris in North London. Marriage in 1983 was followed in time by a move with his family to Ewell where in 1989 he joined the Ewell St Mary's Morris Men. With Ewell he 'danced in' at The Spring Hotel on Boxing Day of that year, performing Princess Royal, Islington - a dance carried over from his 'Angel' days. Highly respected in the Ewell team, he was a man who didn't waste unnecessary words - but when he spoke one knew it was going to be worth listening. He was made Squire of the team for the years 2007 to 2009.

Molly Dancing and North-West Clog Dancing always additionally held his interest alongside Cotswold Morris Dancing, as did square-dancing and contra-dancing. In 2008 it was time for a new challenge, and he was integral in the formation of the North-West clog dance team Phoenix Clog, based in Ewell; the name was taken from hall in which the group practised. A little more than half a dozen local dancers joined him as he took on the roles of Squire, Bagman and Foreman with wife Christine, an equally keen dancer, acting as the Treasurer. The original group dwindled in number within a couple of years, but a concerted recruitment effort raised the participants again to its current membership level of nigh on 20 – many of them quite new to traditional dancing.  With Dave's enthusiasm the group took on more appearances at 'Days of Dance' and performances at various folk festivals.


A dancer to the end, Dave was leading the Phoenix dance set in a performance of New Mills at the Swanage Folk Festival on Saturday 10 September when he was struck by a completely unexpected catastrophic medical event. Despite the best efforts of the Air Ambulance crew, the RNLI, other dancers and the life support team at Southampton Hospital, he could not be saved. Our profound shock and sorrow was only slightly tempered by the knowledge that his last conscious memory was of doing what he loved best - dancing.


David will be mourned and severely missed by very many people at the festivals and dance groups that he frequented, and no less so on the terraces of ‘the Stoop’ in Twickenham where he followed the fortunes of ‘the Quins.’ The condolences of all go to his wife Christine, partner in all his dancing escapades, his daughter, musician Laurel, son and one-time dancer Sam, and three grandchildren.


David F. Anders 1947-2022, Squire of Phoenix Clog


As previously reported, Dave Anders, Squire, Foreman, and the driving force behind Phoenix Clog passed away on Monday 12 September. Dave's funeral will take place on Tuesday 18th October at 3:20 pm at the North-East Surrey Crematorium, Lower Morden Lane, Morden SM4 4NU.

Donations in Dave’s memory may be made to Devon Air Ambulance Trust and/or Prostate Cancer UK

The service will be streamed, and may be viewed at:
The log-in PIN is  376-4795.